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Joan Patterns

Joanpatterns.com is a website dedicated to preserving and sharing the artistic passion of Master Decorative Artist Joan Johnson. This simple guide provides you with a brief tour of this site and offers basic information useful to making this site an essential resource for your decorative painting interests!

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  • What is an Epattern?
    • E-Pattern   (52) Rose.  A 4 page sample, illustrating the color patt., sized patts., usage photo and colors / coding.  This is a common theme for ALL 100 E-Patterns.

  • POM Variety Show   (Pattern of the Month)
    • Joan’s 100 POM patterns are a diverse/variety of subjects for the Decorative Painter.  Look closely, as the slide show progresses.  Manual play allows a more studied inspection of each of the 13 selected variety of patterns.

  • Look Inside an Ebook
    • E-BOOK   This Realistic Roses, Oil & Acrylic book gives a peek of 5 pgs. in this 24 pg. book.  Cover, Acrylic tech., Oil tech., step-by-step instructionns and Petal explanations.  Joan’s "famous roses" have become a standard for realistic roses.


Have FUN touring our electronic website, as Joan Johnson shares
32 years of Decorative Painting in 100 POM Patterns, 14 Books and 18 Packets